This page is a proposal of potential strategies for Alan Kleinberg's work online and in social media.


Strategy one: work organization

In order to enhance the value of each individual work, and to further enable curators and collectors to find things within their specific interests, the work could be categorized by hashtags rather than individual collections or exhibitions. This way, a curator looking for something to put in their show on nude photography, celebrities, or any other subject could more easily find material related to the subject. 

Sample tag library

Strategy two: Campaign

In order to promote Alan's work in the context of current events, NASA could be involved in a PR campaign celebrating the 2016 35th anniversary of the Columbia Space Shuttle launch. With interest from NASA, we may also be able to have engagement with people involved specifically in Alan's photography of the Columbia Shuttle launch including _,and other artists involved with NASA.

Strategy three: social media

Alan's diaries could be utilized in platforms like Medium, Twitter, and Tumblr in a daily syndication posted on the same date they were originally written. This style of social media has been very successful as a genre usually called "This day in history." This kind of syndication could follow particularly important projects Alan took on including trips, or key moments in his career. These posts could also include posts on Instagram of memorabilia Alan has collected, including plan tickets, or relevant pamphlets from the particular diary entry posted on a given day.


Additionally, daily engagement on social media could involve engaging with existing conversations in pop culture around celebrities captured in Alan's work. Using a system like "Google Alerts," The Alan Kleinberg social media profile could stay up to date with current events involving the people depicted in his work, and help create a more immediately relevant conversation in social media about his portfolio.

I would love to hear your thoughts on these strategies, and begin implementing some of them if you are interested. 

Invoice options

My standard fee for graphic design and other work is $40/hour.

If you would like me to take on the entire project proposed above, I can give a discount and charge $35/hour. If you would like me to additionally manage social media accounts fully, I can charge a flat fee $700/week.


I hope you have enjoyed reading this proposal, and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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